Monday, 14 November 2011

Visiting Tobias in Sweden: Linköping, Berg, St.Anna, Norrköping, Uppsala, Stockholm

Ben and I decided to pay Tobi a visit during his Erasmus semester in Linköping, Sweden. On 08.11. I visited Julia in Berlin. A dinner followed by a walk through most of Berlin was a pleasant way to get into holiday feeling. The next morning (09.11.) I started early to catch my flight from Berlin Schönefeld to Skavsta, Sweden. At 11am I arrived in Skavsta and enjoyed the morning sun during I was waiting for the bus to Linköping. After Tobi picked me up from the Bus station, we joined one of his lectures. At the evening Tobi introduced me to his Erasmus friends, some from Chemnitz, and we enjoyed dinner and some beer together. Later at night Ben arrived and we enjoyed some good self grown herbs together to celebrate the reunion :P
The next day (10.11.) Tobi showed us the sluices at Berg, which connect the lakes in Sweden. A great sunny day, that's how Sweden can be :D We then continued to the stockholm-archipelago (Schären) near St.Anna. One of the most quiet places I've seen so far. Once all of us were quiet, there was nothing to hear. Until suddenly Tobi risked to slip into the ocean... good to have some entertainer with us all the time :P After the Schären we visited Norrköping.
For dinner we met with his Erasmus friends again: Matthias, Isabelle, Alexandra, Verena and others who I didn't manage to keep their names^^
And we finally got to meet Tobias' Swedish girlfriend Elsa :)
After some amazing dinner made by Matthias, we enjoyed some heavy packed Bob Marley cigarette and had some great laughs before we went to a local students club by bicycle. What a trip! Stoned+drunk... my bike was a tiny pink one, made for school girls in 4th grade possibly. In front of me I saw Ben using all of the 4m wide way... and even more, when he crushed into the undergrowth of the forest several times. A ride I wont forget for long :P
At the club we got even more drunk and the ride back was an agony.
The next day (11.11.) we went to Uppsala and stayed with Hanne from CS. She took us on a pubcrawl with her fromer fellow arabistic students. The pubcrawl was especially funny with contests like camel race (Tobi won!), belly dance (we didn't take part :P) and muslim singing (Ben took the chance to present his singer voice^^). We ended in a nightclub and Hanne endured us the whole evening/night.
Next day (12.11.) she invited us to stay at her parents place in Stockholm. We met her parents in their super comfy flat during a family party. After coffee, self made cookies and some chats we went to explore Stockholm. At night we joined with Hanne again to enjoy a party at a Rock/Metal club on Gamla Stan. The next morning (13.11.), when the party stopped,  I went to pick up my luggage from the locker at central station to catch the bus towards my flight. Shock! Stockholm's central station is closed from 0:15 am to 5:00 am... very unlucky if you placed your luggage there :( so I had to leave Sweden without my luggage+tickets... but luckily got home without paying extra^^
An exhausting trip which provides long lasting memories :D

Ben and I at sluices near Berg


Stockholm: Gamla Stan at night